The Potential Value of Predictive Analytics in Human Resources

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The last few years have seen a continuing growth in the use of predictive analytics – using computer models to analyze data and predict patterns and trends. Widely used in finance, insurance and marketing, it is less popular in HR, where much emphasis is still placed on human intuition.

Yet studies show that predictive analysis generally beats human judgement. Humans simply aren’t capable of balancing as many variables in our heads. The tactics we’ve evolved to get around this lead to bias and over-confidence in our own judgement. Yet studies have shown that predictive analytics equals or beats the decision making of senior managers in almost every case, and leads to an average of 5-6% higher gains than competitor companies.

So how can predictive analytics be applied in HR?

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Mark Lukens, MBA

Mark Lukens, MBA

Founding Partner at Capatus
Mark Lukens is a founding partner at Capatus and located in the New York office. He leads the Capatus’ Global Talent and Advisory practice. He is also an expert in the firm’s research and nonprofit practice. Lukens has more than 20 years of c-level executive and consulting experience delivering strategies and transformational programs to firms ranging from start-up to Fortune 50. He has worked with clients in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. Lukens worked extensively in various product and service categories including health care, life sciences, government, nonprofit, technology, and professional services. He also advises clients in other industries including commercial and industrial, retail, logistics and transportation, media and more. Lukens serves on several Nonprofit Boards and is a professor at the State University of New York where he teaches in the School of Business and Economics with a focus on marketing, international management, entrepreneurship, HR, and organizational behavior to name a few. Lukens has a technical background as a MCSE and earned an MBA from Eastern University.
Mark Lukens, MBA


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