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Some organizations just work. They accomplish what they set out to do, powered by engaged employees with the tools and motivation to get the job done. Yet only a fraction of companies are designed to achieve this. Together, we can design, develop and implement upon a talent strategy designed to drive better business results.

Talent/Talent Leadership is a critical strategy to capitalize upon competitive advantage and for market leadership. We partner with organizations ranging from start-up to Fortune 500 to develop creative strategies and create a new talent dynamic that transforms and innovates the hiring, onboarding, development, and retention function. Couple this with our extreme customer service model and you have a strategic partnership that not only results in better talent and higher talent retntion, but drives better business results.

The Talent Process Transformation Institute at Capatus

TalentThe Right Talent aligned with the Right Goals. Without the right talent, organized in the right way, focused on the right goals, businesses cannot deliver on their promise to stakeholders – a fact leaders increasingly recognize.  But this understanding comes just as developing global markets and changing demographics intensify competition for the best people.Talent 

The challenges are real…talent scarcity, globalization, the era of the individual, just to name just a few. These and more will determine which companies win out over their competitors in the race for talent. Developing a thriving workforce requires business modelling and industry insights to know what initiatives will deliver the most value. Are you ready? 

We provide the fresh thinking and deep insight you need to attract, organize  motivate and develop the right people for your business, and to build a high-performing internal HR function in support of your business goals. Our expert teams bring a rich understanding of people and how they behave, clear analysis grounded in our extensive research and bold ideas backed by practical experience.

Talent Acquisition, RPO & Talent360

Our RPO solution can support some or all aspects of the talent acquisition process from position scoping through hire and onboarding. It is a strategic solution that provides you with a competitive advantage in the market, differentiates you from your competitors, and exceeds the expectation of your internal customers and leadership. Based upon your business goals and objectives, we partner with you to develop a custom solution that drives business results.

Talent acquisition is constantly changing and growing ever more complex. Organizations need innovative, scalable solutions to remain competitive and results-driven.

Recruitment Process Optimization/Outsourcing solutions will help you fill positions faster, with higher-quality candidates, while delivering exceptional candidate and hiring manager experiences. A bit of disruption perhaps? We will help you rethink your approach to talent acquisition and recruitment, giving you dedicated recruitment teams embedded within your internal team that use the latest talent acquisition technology while living and breathing your culture and serving as brand champions.


Independent contractors, freelancers, and project-based staff and other contingent workers play an increasingly large role in today’s workforce, and using only traditional methods or just a single channel to find them puts your brand at risk for missing the best talent.

Our Talent360 solution provides a way for you to recruit and manage all of your talent, permanent and contingent. This approach lets you align talent to your business strategy, enhance visibility, increase the talent pool, and centralize your talent acquisition function.

Recruitment Advertising & Branding

Recruitment & Talent Advertising

Seek first to understand…It begins with a deep dive into client and market data. We compliment the data with our own trend projections to allow for more informed decision making.

Then to be understood…Together we will define a strategy and implementation plan that drives talent process performance and value creation across the enterprise.

Employment Brand

Landing top talent means making your organization a place candidates want to join. We work to do just that, dedicating a team of globally experienced strategists, storytellers, designers and more to ensure that you have a compelling message to market. Our team helps you to meet your talent needs through:

  • Research and Insight Generation
  • Employer Branding and Employee Value Propositions (EVP)
  • Attraction and Recruitment Marketing
  • Candidate Experience and Employee Engagement


In a very competitive talent market, ensuring your company can differentiate itself from competitors and really stand out from the crowd is critical for both attracting, engaging and retaining key talent. Your EVP (Employee Value Proposition) describes the characteristics and appeal of working for your organization. It clearly defines the benefits and ways of working your brand offers offer in return for employees’ contribution and performance.
Research shows that formal EVP programs can:
  • Increase your ability to attract and retain critical-skill employees
  • Increase the organizations financial performance above that of their peers
  • Increase the level of employee engagement
  • Increase the likelihood that employees will recommend their organization as a place to work.
Executive Search

Finding the right executive talent – leaders who will have a measurable impact on employee engagement, culture, brand and the bottom line – requires global reach and local expertise. We bring that, along with industry-specific knowledge, and align with your internal team to define and pinpoint the skills, experience and cultural fit you need for the C-suite. This helps build a robust pipeline to ensure that best talent is available when you need it.

Executive On-Demand (CPO, Etc.)

When organizations find themselves with a need for temporary, high-level expert talent in the talent space. Capatus can help. We provide mid to executive-level professionals across multiple disciplines on an interim basis. Areas may include:

  • Bridging permanent recruitment gaps and sudden vacancies
  • HR and recruitment process and department reengineering/alignment
  • Managing change of culture, strategy, policy, structure
  • Taking charge of specific projects such as launching a new product or service
  • Part-time management when circumstances don’t warrant a full time role
  • Post-merger/acquisition management
  • Applying special expertise or knowledge on a project that is outside the company’s core competency
Talent Advisory

The challenges are real…talent scarcity, globalization, the era of the individual, just to name just a few. These and more will determine which companies win out over their competitors in the race for talent. Developing a thriving workforce requires business modelling and industry insights to know what initiatives will deliver the most value. Are you ready?

Our talent strategy professionals can help you:

  • develop a talent strategy road map
  • assess and implement a more effective organizational design,
  • apply workforce planning and analytics,
  • develop talent through career and performance management processes,
  • fulfill careers and build the pipeline through leadership assessment and development interventions,
  • M&A related talent strategies, and so much more.
Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is not about numbers. It is about bringing together people with a variety of backgrounds, cultures and experiences to challenge the status quo and help your company explore new products and markets.

Our diversity and inclusion practice can help your company tap into talent communities of diverse and qualified candidates.

At Capatus, we can help you develop diversity and inclusion initiatives that give you a strategic advantage. We’ll also help you create guidelines for diversity hiring that can be tracked and measured to ensure you are meeting your workforce talent needs, complying with company specifications, and meeting government regulations.


Mark A. Lukens

Mark A. Lukens

Partner - New York

Global Talent Practice leader; Brand Institute leader; Healthcare; Advisory, Research; Non-profit

Mark T. Hamilton

Mark T. Hamilton

Partner - New York

Non-profit practice leader; Talent practice; Government programs; Global Education leader

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