MARKET RESEARCH & Intelligence

Are you ready to make better informed business decisions? Capatus has an experienced team of marketing research consultants, dedicated to providing customized qualitative and qualitative research solutions leading to the provision of insightful and actionable research recommendations.

We provide the fresh thinking and deep insight to help you make better informed business decisions. We specialize in conducting quantitative and qualitative market research among staff, leadership, talent community, consumers and their influencers (ie, thought leaders, executives).

We provide a full suite of customized qualitative research solutions:

  • new branding and messaging / message testing
  • evaluation of EVP claims
  • development recommendations
  • market opportunity analysis / opportunity assessments
  • “landscape studies”; recruitment/hiring algorithm reviews
  • competitive assessments
  • brand positioning and repositioning
  • recruitment aid and collateral testing
  • sales aid testing
  • advertising concept testing
  • thought leader interviews
  • executive interviews
  • internal and external customer satisfaction and motivation studies
  • perception studies
  • satisfaction & engagement studies

We provide a full suite of customized quantitative research solutions:

  • internet-based/web-based surveys
  • salary and compensation surveys
  • customer satisfaction surveys
  • tracking surveys
  • talent mobility studies
  • employee engagement surveys
  • employee motivation surveys

Competitive and Market Intelligence research efforts: 

  • perception studies
  • salary and compensation surveys
  • talent mobility research
  • market strcuture research
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