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at Capatus

Whether your brand is new to the market, enhanced to reach a new market or a visual refresh to breathe new life into an already successful brand, The Capatus Brand Institute provides our clients with the expertise and execution to give your brand a competitive advantage. Stand out or blend in. The choice is clear. 

Stand Out or Blend In. The Choice is Clear

Organizational-Focused Brand & Marketing

Brands and marketing require a constant commitment to reinvention. Without continually finding new ways to deepen the connection to customers, employees, and stakeholders faster moving competition will always win. Whether you are underperforming, looking for your next growth wave, or just want a market advantage versus competition, we can help.

We work to do just that, dedicating a team of globally experienced strategists, storytellers, designers and more to ensure that you have a compelling message to market. Our team helps you to meet your growth and brand needs through:

  • Research and Insight Generation
  • Message testing
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital


Talent-Focused Brand & Marketing

Data-Driven Recruitment Marketing & Advertising

First, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. The right recruitment marketing is often a delicate blend of selecting the right media outlets, messaging, devising effective campaigns, etc. If done right, it can save enormous hiring and marketing costs and time by eliminating unwanted applicants who self-select themselves out in the very first stages of consideration.

It begins with a deep dive into client and market data. We compliment the data with our own trend projections to allow for more informed decision making. The, together we will define a strategy and implementation plan that drives talent process performance and value creation across the enterprise.

EVP – Employee Value Proposition
In a very competitive talent market, ensuring your company can differentiate itself from competitors and really stand out from the crowd is critical for both attracting, engaging and retaining key talent. Your EVP (Employee Value Proposition) describes the characteristics and appeal of working for your organization. It clearly defines the benefits and ways of working your brand offers offer in return for employees’ contribution and performance.
Research shows that formal EVP programs can:
  • Increase your ability to attract and retain critical-skill employees
  • Increase the organizations financial performance above that of their peers
  • Increase the level of employee engagement
  • Increase the likelihood that employees will recommend their organization as a place to work.
Do you struggle to appeal to top candidates in your key market segments? Do you find it hard to articulate what’s unique about your organization? Do your employees suggest that you are failing to deliver your recruitment promise? Are you trying, but failing, to improve employee engagement? If you answered yes to any of these give us a call.

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