The Nonprofit Practice

Our services focus on our clients’ most critical organizational issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, operations, technology, transformation, across all industries and geographies. We bring a deep, functional expertise, bound by holistic perspective: we capture value across boundaries at any organization. 

The NonProfit Practice is a team of consultants who have worked in the ranks of nonprofit entities across the US. The team has served in roles ranging from President, CEO, ED, to Board Chair. We do more than talk the talk, we have real world hands-on experience in this space.

Our services focus on our clients’ most critical organizational issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, operations, technology, transformation, across all industries and geographies. We bring a deep, functional expertise, bound by holistic perspective: we capture value across boundaries at any organization.


Strategic thinking and planning: Capitalize on opportunities that move your organization forward by engaging with research and developing actionable insights. Services include: Strategic planning, Market assessment, Portfolio analysis, etc.

Strategic restructuringManage complex changes when external or internal factors lead to large shifts in the organization. 

Organizational developmentAligns your board, leadership, and staff with strategies to advance your mission. We will partner on systems, policies, programs, and processes that guide your operations and enable you to make more informed strategic decisions to capitalize on opportunities and enhance performance.






We help clients drive performance and create value through better utilization, management, and development of talent.

From strategy through implementation, we work with clients to help them forecast their talent needs, engage and reward employees, assess talent, and develop skills. All the way working to create value and competitive advantage.

Services include:

  • Recruitment & RPO
  • Talent strategy
  • Workforce planning
  • HR management
  • Engagement
  • Employer branding
  • Executive transition
  • HR technology
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Cultural analysis
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • HR training institute, and more

The expectations placed on boards have never been greater.  We provide organizations with objective assessment and advisory regarding: development, HR, performance, Board role, Board engagement, Governance, Board development, Fundraising, and CEO/ED Coaching and Advisory. 

  • Board Role Advisory: Establish a shared understanding of board and staff roles (talent/skill inventory/assessment, SWOT, needs analysis – Making the board a true strategic asset to management
  • Board Effectiveness and Engagement Advisory: Build a stronger and more productive partnership between the board and the chief executive – transition to a higher functioning board.
  • Board Governance Advisory: Examine existing board structures and practices to ensure that the board is working productively. Revitalizing the board’s structure for more meaningful participation.
  • Board Development and RecruitmentBoard member recruitment advisory, Succession planning for officers and committee chairs
  • Fundraising AdvisoryPreparing the Board for Fundraising
  • CEO/ED AdvisoryBoard level interaction regarding managing, developing, and measuring CEO performance

Leadership behaviors are one of the critical “soft” elements that research shows are most important in determining an organization’s decision effectiveness and thus its performance. At Capatus we realize that the impact and influence of leadership can be staggering. Our services include: Leadership development, Interim leadership, Coaching, Crisis management, Impact assessment, and Organization effective and Development.

  • Leadership DevelopmentThe impact and influence of leadership, for good or bad, is staggering. Understanding its role is critical to making it the most effective at facilitating success within an organization (Group Leadership Retreats, Executive Assessments, etc.)
  • Interim LeadershipLong and short term leadership and executive level consulting and staffing. From CEO to Marketing and Human Resources.
  • Executive Coaching/MentoringOne-on-one and Group Style service for non-profit executives and leaders. Executive mentoring will result in more effective organizational leadership while at the same time promote healthy decision making focusing on a robust work/life balance.
  • Crisis ManagementSome times bad things happen to good organizations.  When things go wrong, an organization, its management and directors are judged by how they react.
  • Impact AssessmentThe impact of an organization extends beyond immediate program outcomes. Impact assessment helps organizations tell funders about the broad reach their programs have in the community
  • Organizational Effectiveness / Optimization Advisory
We are dedicated to providing your organization the tools necessary to make the critical and unique decisions faced by for profits and non-profits every day. With so many people and businesses attempting “to do more with less,” it is as important as ever to establish your mission as a worthy endeavor.  Through our 360° approach, we offer individualized consulting and analytical services aimed at creating a comprehensive development strategy that will allow your organization to prosper.  From comprehensive board development to grant writing, our dedicated and proven consultants will work seamlessly with your stakeholders to accomplish your goals no matter the complexity. The services listed below are a sample of our offerings.
  • Philanthropic and Fundraising services including: Feasibility Studies, Capital Campaign Management, Major Gifts Efforts, Annual Appeal Solicitations, and Grant Writing.
  • Development Services including: Interim Development Staff, Development Office Assessments, Staff Trainings both individual and group, Communications Evaluation, and Donor Database Systems.
  • Strategic Services to include: Comprehensive Board Development, Funding Diversification, Analytics, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Volunteer Management
Program Development
When developing a new program to meet the needs of the community or population your organization serves, it is important to carefully consider several key elements before applying for funding, or before committing organizational resources.  We can help you with the critical aspects of program design and implementation including
  • Community based, participatory needs assessment
  • Assessment of feasibility
  • Funding development
  • Fidelity assessment
Program Evaluation
We operate in an age of greater accountability and donor sophistication.  The process of program evaluation allows an organization to continuously refine its approach to its delivery of services to the community, while demonstrating value to current and future donors and funding agencies.  A high quality program evaluation requires a clear plan and the translation of global goals to concrete outcomes, and the measurement of not just outcomes, but process as well.  A good evaluation does not just tell us if a program works, but also tells us a story about why it works and how it impacts consumers. The process of evaluation should ideally happen concurrent with program development and implementation and includes the following processes:
  • Translating global goal to specific, measurable outcomes
  • Development of data collection instruments and data tracking
  • Qualitative assessment of process and community impact
  • Cost benefit & cost effectiveness assessment
  • Final data analysis and reporting

As technology rapidly evolves, it’s more important than ever to have an innovation advisor on your side. Whether it’s time to create a new vision or put one into place, we can help you define the need, unearth the best tech, and implement the programs and/or systems to help solve your toughest business problems. 

Together, we create tomorrow with innovation-inspired technology and agility.

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