How to Fix Your Company Culture

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Check out our recent article featured on Fast Company ( How to Fix Your Company Culture

Culture isn’t something you can dictate. Here’s how to shift the way your company thinks about culture to get everyone engaged.

Innovative companies like Apple and Google are held up as shining bastions of positive company culture, while other companies struggle to come to terms with the very idea. But the reason why so many fail is that they treat a positive culture as an extra piece to be added to the machinery of business, not understanding what lies at the core of this concept.

So how can you go about changing your company’s culture? Follow this link to the full article:

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Mark Lukens, MBA

Mark Lukens, MBA

Founding Partner at Capatus
Mark Lukens is a founding partner at Capatus and located in the New York office. He leads the Capatus’ Global Talent and Advisory practice. He is also an expert in the firm’s research and nonprofit practice. Lukens has more than 20 years of c-level executive and consulting experience delivering strategies and transformational programs to firms ranging from start-up to Fortune 50. He has worked with clients in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. Lukens worked extensively in various product and service categories including health care, life sciences, government, nonprofit, technology, and professional services. He also advises clients in other industries including commercial and industrial, retail, logistics and transportation, media and more. Lukens serves on several Nonprofit Boards and is a professor at the State University of New York where he teaches in the School of Business and Economics with a focus on marketing, international management, entrepreneurship, HR, and organizational behavior to name a few. Lukens has a technical background as a MCSE and earned an MBA from Eastern University.
Mark Lukens, MBA


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