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Our services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: customer experience, revenue cycle management, strategy, brand and marketing, operational excellence, technology, transformation, etc. across geographies. We bring a deep, functional hospitality expertise, bound by holistic perspective. 

Capatus Hospitality, part of the Capatus family, is a specialized practice and team of consultants who have worked in the ranks of the hospitality industry. We specialize in the global hotel, hospitality, retail, senior care, and restaurant consulting sectors. Working with companies ranging from small boutique to some of the largest companies in the world, we have helped the companies transform by helping them live out their vision, concept dreams and profit goals. 

Through a highly focused and innovative approach, we partner to provide a value across all phases of the hospitality lifecycle, thereby eliminating the need for several different advisors. From inception to divestment of their hospitality ventures, our services are practical and will add tangible value.



Operational Excellence

Transform into a new state which speeds process time, saves money, improves decision making, improves the customer experience, and aligns all organizational systems with mission achievement.


Asset Management

Unlocking the true potential of a hospitality asset.


Management Audit

A review of operations by an independent team, with no preconceived notions or views about your property or the market.

Project Management

From planning to execution – Value engineering throughout the initial development

Customer Experience

Improving your existing customer experience and creating new, engaging ways to interact with consumers should be your number one priority. Fueling your growth through a holistic vision of the customer experience.


A comprehensive talent solution: employer brand, workforce planning, and recruitment to onboarding and development. 

Sales & Marketing

Partnering to ensure that your business unit capitalizes on its profit potential through creative and effective sales and marketing techniques.



Trusted advisors for achieving optimal returns in hospitality

Revenue Cycle Management

Strategic and operational revenue management support


Tailored learning and development solutions for the service sector


Market Research

Research & feasibility studies, customer research, brand research, etc. – providing a holistic understanding of your market dynamics.

Operations & Management

Experience in all areas of hospitality operations and management. Providing practical, actionable, and cost effective strategies and solutions.

We believe in being


A bespoke approach

to hospitality advisory.

We continue to see an accelerating pace of change in the world. People and how they live has shifted. Consumers and their omnipresent digital and hyper-connected lives demand that organizations pre-empt our every wish. As a result, all organizations must forever look ahead and continuously evolve.

There’s an opportunity for those that take a new approach to transformation. An approach that delivers benefits continuously, not just at the end. But doing so takes sustained effort around a bespoke transformation strategy, not a single change program or process.

Transformation is not a one size fits all approach, instead it is contextual. And in this lies, the key to the customer experience and your hospitality success.

Transformation is not a one size fits all approach, instead it is contextual.

Together, we will select the right approach based on strategy, market, vision, culture and priorities. Our team will partner with you to:

  • Define your futureand make it compelling, engaging and inspiring
  • Help create the new reality and take the initial steps towards building excellence in delivery
  • Be agile, respond rapidly and adjust our approach to make decisions quickly
  • Create an environment that allows all team members to be empowered and accelerate the pace of change
  • Embed the transformation to create a sustainable, self-diagnosing, and ever-improving capability
  • Transfer knowledge and skills to organizations and teams to improve their capacity for solving problems and managing future change



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