Our diagnostic may touch on key areas including:

recruitment processes,
employee value proposition,
process costs,
workforce planning,
on boarding process,
candidate experience,
recruitment methodologies,
social, and more.

The diagnostic/assessment (Recruitment, Brand & HR Process Diagnostic) is a complementary service* provided to organizations who would like an unbiased, top-line evaluation of their recruitment and/or HR capability and market position. We will provide objective and focused insight into your current recruitment and HR processes and help identify areas of opportunity/improved models for your consideration.

In the end, we will provide an oral overview (via teleconference) of top-line findings that will identify some of the strengths and weaknesses of your current recruitment, HR or other identified capability and make directional recommendations on how to achieve improved efficiencies, increased value (higher quality and lower cost) and leaner processes that are manageable and measurable.

*the assessment is complementary – on-site and travel related costs are not included (estimated business-class travel costs will be provided in a statement of work)

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